The Beginnings of SYFR and Beyond…

Here’s our story

February 27, 2019

“The only constant in this world is change.”   quoted by Heraclitus of Ephesus, a greek philosopher.

Here’s our story

If you would have told us 11 years ago, that we would no longer be practicing physical therapists and that we would own and have a Health Information Management company, we would have thought you were crazy! One thing we have learned in life, is you never know where life is going to take you. All those experiences, open doors and road blocks are all stepping stones to the next chapter of the journey.

11 years ago we opened an outpatient physical therapy practice one year out graduate school in 2008. We grew that practice from a 1200 square foot space, 2 PT (husband, wife) practice to a 5000 square foot facility, 6 providers with 150 patients a week. We learned a lot in those 10 years. Healthcare business, provider relations and patient care are just a few.

In 2015, while still running the clinic and seeing a full patient load, we started SYFR out of a back room with our office manager, Sarah Reynolds, CCS, CPB. Sarah possesses years experience and passion for the billing and coding industry.  With increasing demands in the administrative side of healthcare and the strain it has put on providers, SYFR found it’s niche in outsourcing medical billing and coding for healthcare professionals. As SYFR continued to grow exponentially in employee size and active contracts, our time was being diluted between 2 companies.

In 2018, two local clinicians in the physical therapy profession with years of experience came to us looking for ownership in a private outpatient physical therapy setting. They had the same vision for the profession; specialty practice for best patient care. We viewed this as great direction for the Rehab Solutions growth and an opportunity for us to solely focus on the vision and growth of SYFR. The experience of running a practice has allowed us perspectives in revenue cycle management from the provider and patient standpoint that are invaluable to our clients.

SYFR grows and serves

SYFR moved to it’s own location in 2017, a small office space in the First Interstate bank building of Gillette, WY. It has grown it’s office space 3x and will soon be transitioning to it’s own 7500 square foot stand alone office in the next month. All employees work in house for best collaboration of work for our clients.  As a result of hard work and proven methods, our directors and billing/coding staff have created a reputation the precedes them.  SYFR can be a STAR (Strategic, Transparent, Accurate and Relatable) player in your practice. SYFR professionals, with their expertise and experience, are second to none for service in the outsource billing and coding industry. We can….

  • Help ease the load for new clients in the administrative side of starting a practice.
  • With much experience and knowledge, help repair “broken” back offices and get  practices “back on their feet” to thrive again.
  • Take the load of the back office work and offer full-service medical billing and coding
  • Help ease the load with ala carte services of medical billing and coding
  • Consult with you regarding back office efficiencies or ‘lack there of’ to improve the administrative side of your practice

A world of opportunity

Having a vision for positive change has always been “in our blood.” Seeing the need for a more global change healthcare is what triggered the creation of a revenue cycle management and healthcare consulting company, SYFR. We are a billing and coding company for local, regional and national groups but we are also a part of more global movement as well. The relationships built over the years and the networking across the nation has been vital to our growth and continued collaboration in the industry. SYFR works with leaders in healthcare industry pushing innovative healthcare models to make a bigger change in healthcare. We are excited for all the opportunities SYFR has to promote “healthier” healthcare.

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