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Hit your financial targets with data-driven decision making

Reporting and analytics are more than buzzwords at SYFR.

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Data integration without disruptions

Consolidate disparate data and drive financial results by seamlessly integrating your EMR with our proprietary platform. We’ll turn your practice and financial data into meaningful staff productivity and revenue insights.

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Track your financial growth with on-demand and custom reports

Understand your financial performance immediately and make timely business decisions with a multi-dimensional view of your revenue cycle.

Technology platform expertise

We’re skilled in a wide variety of EMRs, EHRs, and clearinghouses.

Achieve your full earning potential with in-depth analyses

Optimize every function of your revenue cycle with regular and detailed data analysis. Our client services managers will share their expert insights and bring new data sets and reporting to the table as your revenue cycle operation evolves.

Ryan Schrock
Rehab Solutions Wyoming

"SYFR is an indispensable partner to my practice."

"SYFR’s team goes beyond billing, collections, and data storage. They’re knowledgeable, honest, and really dedicated to our success.”